My Story

I am Joshua Lewin, or as some people call me, a photographer, student, and I like to think of myself as a renaissance man- someone who loves to create and discover new things. I am currently a business student in the University Of Colorado at Denver, and I also live off my camera. Speaking of a Camera, I love to take pictures. This love has not much to do with the money or the fame it brings, but rather the perspective it gives. When I look back on my life before picking up the rather awkwardly shaped black box, I recall not really ever seeing the world around me. I remember going through my day not even noticing the glorious world that surrounded me. However, with the aid of my little friend (a Canon 6D) I now truly see the mystery that it is all about. Yet, the mystery that I love most is not that found in sunsets, but rather the unique and special things people have to say. For me, each photo graph is a story, and each person I capture images of are bards in their own way. I help them express the adventure they find themselves on, whether this be the end of high school or the beginning of a new life with that special someone. There is no greater pleasure than capturing the look of love between two people freshly married or the look of confidence a young person has when they step on to the proverbial road of life. I love photography because it helps me see the ordinary things in life, and recognize their limitless possibility.